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Company profile

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Jiangsu Precise Way Optics Co.,Ltd was founded in 2005, which is the predecessor of the optical experimental base of Nanjing University of Science and Technology. Own build up factory building with the size of 6000m². We focus on developing and manufacturing all kinds of optical components and surveying accessories. PWT has owned subsidiary-Nanjing Precise Way Trading Co.,Ltd, which has the right of import and export trade. We provide solid technical support, production guarantee and the best services for you.


Our Features:

Custom-make high power laser windows with 1/20 lambda, the surface roughness can reach3Å~1Å , to meet the customer’s requirements for the high damage threshold.

We have the special advantages in optical processing. The beam deviation of prisms can be controlled 180Deg ±2″, one of another plus is the unique inspection instruments and production process in manufacturing 90° related prisms, The single angle tolerance can be controlled under ±1″.

PWT adhering to the concept of “make the world be more precise”.PWT has the capability to ensure that the quality of our products is reliable and consistent because we have the high-tech staff, consummate and scientific management system, advanced manufacturing equipment and inspecting instruments, using strict standard for inspecting quality.



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