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Year 1980, Nanjing University of Science & Technology as a predecessor, developing and designing

optical products.

Year 1990, Moved out from University, set up “Optical Experimental Base of NJUST”.

Year 1996, Founded “PWT OPTICS”, 20 employees, the main production of optical prisms.

Year 1998, Expanded the scale of production, increase the processing equipment.

Year 2000, Start to cooperate with Berliner Glas.

Year 2002, Imported the most advanced ZYGO Interferometer.

Year 2005, Be named as “the best supplier” by Berlin Glass, the products exempted from inspection.

Year 2006, Founded “Nanjing Precise Way Trading Co.,Ltd”, have the right of import and export.

Year 2011, Building the new 6000m²factory.

Year 2012, Moved the factory to Jurong, near by Nanjing.

Year 2013, Start producing Super Polishing windows.

Year 2014, Open the coating production line, provide Optical thin film coating manufacturing and

customized coating design.

Year 2016, Proposed MIC5.0 , established the MIC5.0 Optical Alliance.

Year 2018, CCTV recorded "The Road of Ingenuity" in PWT to promote Chinese culture.

Year 2020, Purchase a new coating machine(1350), began to undertake laser and infrared coating.

Year 2021, .......

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